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Roers Investments

Roers Investments is a Minnesota-based real estate investment and development company that was founded in 2010. We’ve developed and maintained a real estate portfolio comprised of over $180 million worth of assets across 22 projects, more than 900 apartment units, and over 135,000 of commercial/industrial space. To ensure our properties are maintained with a long term investment focus, we started Bison Management Team to manage and maintain over 350 units of both in house and third party owned apartment units.

Our goal is simple: To help investors, large and small, get the most return on their capital. We do this by taking a disciplined and conservative approach to real estate investments to ensure our properties deliver lasting value to our investors. We offer investments on various real estate properties including residential apartment and townhome communities, commercial/retail development, student housing markets, industrial warehouse, and more. The company also offers comprehensive property management, property maintenance, and construction/general contracting services through its affiliated entities enhancing its own operational efficiency and investor returns, as well as serving third party property owners. In 2002, the ownership team began investing in residential rental properties in the Minneapolis market, and expanded its substantial core portfolio in North Dakota from 2010-2013. Since then the company’s focus expanded to include leading metropolitan areas across Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota. Our research and expertise with this region has given us competitive insight to be able to enjoy rapid growth with a thorough understanding of the market and a solid infrastructure.