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Watford City, North Dakota

Bakken Oil Region

Bakken Oil Market:

•Vacancy rates: Commercial Leasing in the Bakken oil areas are currently at a 0% vacancy rate.

•Prominent location in the heart of the Bakken: Watford City is at the center of the Bakken Shale play. 90% of the drilling rigs are within a 70 mile radius of Watford City.

•Home to many large gas service providers: Watford City is home to many large gas and service companies. Most Recently a $160 Million natural gas processing plant was approved by the city for construction and is set to complete in 2015. This will be the third plant of it’s kind on the Northeast side of Watford City which will continue to bring many long term jobs to the community.

•Excellent investment returns: Achieved using conservative assumptions and benefits from today’s barrier to entry with minimal commercial space availability, and tremendous population growth to drive demand.

•Economic Staying Power: The Bakken, the largest oil formation in the Western Hemisphere has surpassed Alaska in oil production and is projected to soon surpass Texas as the countries largest oil production center, with over 975,000 barrels of oil per day.

•Market rents: Commercial leases in Watford City have more than tripled since 2006 with average rents rising from $10 per sq. ft. to over $33 in 2013.